Frequently Asked Questions


  • To retrieve your Sign-in ID, use the Contact Us page.
  • To retrieve your Password, click on Sign in, enter your email address, then click on the Forgot password link to receive an email containing your Password.
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Ensure that your Caps Lock key is off while typing your password. If you are still experiencing difficulty, Contact Us.


  • Click the link in your invitation email from KIXKO to access your course. Sign in using your email address and supplied temporary password. If you don’t see an email from KIXKO, check your spam folder.
  • Yes, you can access the KixSMART Course Summary by clicking on the correct course in the My Courses tab of My Account.
  • Upon completion of each course, you will have access to the e-test by going to My Account and clicking the correct course from My Courses. The e-test will appear in the list.
  • The system will total your grade and let you know the score. You will also be made aware of the incorrect answers.
  • If you did not successfully complete the e-test, you can return to the course to review the modules and then proceed to take the test, or if you feel you are prepared then you may immediately enter to retake the e-test.
  • You may take the e-test as many times as required, with an advisory email sent to your supervisor after each three failed attempts.
  • Not a problem. Just close the course viewer window for now. When you are ready to continue, select the same course and you will be prompted to resume from where you left off.
  • You have one year from the date of registration to complete the course, or whatever shorter deadline is assigned by your company.

Technical Questions

  • KIXKO courses require that you have the most up-to-date browser. JavaScript also needs to be active.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported. All other major browsers are supported. They must be the most up-to-date; most browsers update automatically.
  • If you do not see the course on My Account contact your Corporate Contact or Contact Us.
  • It’s possible we may have an old email address on file for you. Contact Us to merge your profiles.
  • Log in to My Account and correct it under My Profile.
  • Try logging in directly through the KIXKO website. If unsuccessful, Contact Us.


  • Please ensure you have answered the feedback question following the e-test, and the certificate will be available for download from My Certificates in My Account. Your browser will prompt you during the download to choose to save or view the PDF file. Viewing the certificate file requires a web browser that is capable of displaying PDF files, or another program, such as Adobe Reader.
  • Ensure you have a recent version of your web browser, Adobe Reader, or similar product, to display PDF files.


  • Use Browse Courses in the header menu and narrow down your search by jurisdiction and industry. Select the course(s) you’d like to purchase and click Add to Cart. Click on the Cart in the header menu, and modify the quantity of course places you’d like to buy. Click Proceed to Checkout, and enter your billing details to complete your purchase.
  • If you’d like to speak to our sales staff about which KIXKO course is right for you, please call (246) 230-5105

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