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KIXKO is the leading Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering (AML) online educator helping financial institutions and other entities regulated by local monetary agencies detect and prevent money laundering threats to their business. We work to help you quickly meet mandatory employee certification and recertification requirements for your Anti-Money Laundering training programs. Our online training solution will help your employees to:

1. Learn how to apply complex and evolving AML regulatory rules in practical and relevant day to day business situations

2. Reduce compliance risk by building employee “know how” to be the best defense against money laundering and terrorist financing

Our courses adhere to legislative and regulatory guidelines and are crafted and vetted by a network of diverse global and local specialists including compliance specialists, financial professionals and law enforcers. KIXKO maintains an expansive and up-to-date global and regional research database. Course Content reflects the latest in research, case scenarios and legal rulings.

Our Platform

KIXKO delivers customer AML e-learning courses by jurisdiction, industry section and job role via a “market ready” Learning Management System. This system enables our clients to:

• Identify specific learning requirements based on learner profiles

• Deliver course content using a self-serve end-to-end system

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