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Purchasing KIXKO Courses

What happens after confirmation of payment?

A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of payment by credit card, Cheque or Wire Transfer to the Purchaser. The order confirmation email will contain the purchase receipt.

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What happens after confirmation of payment?

When the payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to the Corporate Contact indicating that they are now able to assign Learners from the Dashboard tab in "My Account".

Can I make a purchase on behalf of one or more employees?

Yes. Click on Browse Courses to select a course and Add to Cart. Adjust the necessary quantity, proceed to Checkout. Identify the Corporate Contact’s name and email address. Once the purchase is confirmed, the Corporate Contact can assign Learners to the course using the same process described in "Assigning Learners to Courses" .

What methods of payment are available?

Payments may be made by VISA, cheque, money order, or wire transfer. All purchases may be made through the Cart.

Are there volume discount prices?

Yes, to learn more about our volume pricing discounts, please Contact Us

What happens if I have trouble with a credit card payment?

If you are having trouble paying by credit card, Contact Us.

How can I be assured my credit card information is secure?

KIXKO takes your privacy and security seriously. We use a secure plugnpay system provided by the Royal Bank to process credit card payments. Card information is neither received nor maintained by KIXKO. For information about a transaction, contact your financial institution.

If a transaction has been made using a credit card account and you have not received a confirmation email from KIXKO please Contact Us.

If you have questions about KIXKO charges on your credit card statement, first confirm your KIXKO transaction by looking for the email receipt, which includes a reference number of your transaction.

How long should it take to receive cheques and wire transfer payments?
Money Order
2 business days - direct or courier
14 days - mail
Wire Transfer 4 business days

Please Contact Us if a confirmation email is not received within the expected timeframe.

Note: Returned cheques will result in blocking of learning accounts. An administration assessment of $45 USD will be applied.

How do I obtain a receipt?

Purchase receipts can be obtained from the Dashboard tab in "My Account", once you sign in with your email address and password. Receipts are emailed to the buyer when the purchase is processed.

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Buy More Courses

Places on each course expire one year after purchase. Your company may need to purchase additional courses or re-certification courses to ensure compliance with AML legislation and guidelines.

Yours sincerely,
The KIXKO Team

Corporate Contact Articles

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