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Tracking a Learner’s Progress

In order to ensure that employees complete and pass their courses and become AML compliant, you have access to track each Learner’s progress.

Click on the "Dashboard" in your account.

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Scroll down to Course Placement Status.

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In the “Course Placement Status” section, click the “View” link to the right of the relevant course name.

Here you may view details of each Learner’s name, status, test result, date completed and a link for the PDF certificate. Here is an example shown below:

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What If a Learner Fails?

If a Learner fails an E-Test 3 times, you will receive an email notification.This notification allows you the opportunity to contact the Learner to see if they require additional assistance with the course content.

The number of test attempts for the learner will automatically be increased so there is no need to contact KIXKO to increase the number of attempts.

Corporate Contact Articles

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