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Assigning Learners to Course Places

NOTE: For companies with more than 50 learners, course places can be assigned by KIXKO.

To assign learners, you will need your learners’:

  • internal Group Name, if applicable
  • email address
  • first and last name
  • course(s) they need to take


  • your KIXKO welcome email
  1. Sign in to the KIXKO website at or use the link sent to you in your Corporate Contact welcome email.

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  1. Select the “Dashboard” tab and review the various sections of the tab.

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  1. Scroll to “Corporate Contact Activity”, find your order number and click the “Assign Places Manually ” link in the right hand column.

    NOTE: You can find the order number in your Corporate Contact welcome email from KIXKO, or in the purchase receipt email if you were the purchaser.

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  1. Enter the learner's group name. This can either be provided by your company, or you, or specified when KIXKO makes assignments. This field is optional.

    Enter the learner’s first name, last name, and email address.

    In the right hand column, click “Assign” to assign a learner to a course place. Click “Clear” to erase the information in that line.

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Be sure to include yourself if you are taking the course.

If the learner is already assigned to a course, you will get a message saying that the learner is already on the course upon assignment. You can either continue with assigning the course to have the learner assigned again, or you can go back and check your records.

If you get an error message on this screen when you are making assignments, it may be that you have timed out and need to log in again.

NOTE: It is not necessary to assign all Learners immediately. The Dashboard is accessible every time you sign in.

Corporate Contact Articles

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